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Why Would You Want a Himalayan Salt Lamp In Your Home?

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5 Reasons To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

Have you ever tried using a Himalayan salt lamp in your home? These are pretty simple – they are large pieces of Himalayan salt built into a fixture with a small bulb inside. They are typically solid salt pieces, although I have seen other designs (such as baskets or other decorative containers filled with chunks of salt and the light bulb embedded among them).

The big chunks of salt crystal rock that these lamps are created from are mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The salt lamp utilizes minerals that have been in formation for millions of years, releasing their amazing benefits into our air when prompted by heat from the light bulb (or in some cases, a candle). They help reduce indoor pollution and improve the quality of your air, and life, quite effectively.

When considering the purchase of a Himalayan salt lamp, be careful not to  buy a cheap imitation that is not pure Himalayan salt. I know that some cheaper lamps are made with rock salt, which will not have the same effect. Just buy from a reputable source.

Salt lamps help cleanse and remove impurities from the air. They are natural negative ion generators. You have experienced the refreshing feeling of negative ions in the air during thunderstorms, near waterfalls, or relaxing by the ocean. The presence of negative ions is refreshing and renewing.

Basically, there are positive and negative ions in the air. Positive ions come from usage of electronics such as computers, microwave ovens, and televisions. Positive ions can be irritating and are prone to increase discomfort from allergies, increase stress, and at times cause problems with sleeping. The negative ions generated from the Himalayan salt lamp help reduce positive ions by bonding to them, and the net effect is a marvelous cleansing of the air around you.

How do salt lamps work? Salt is a hygroscopic compound, meaning that it tends to attract moisture to its surface. Since you are lightly heating the salt crystal with the light bulb, the moisture evaporates quickly and this process generates the negative ions. If you have seen a salt lamp working in a humid climate, you may have noticed that it tends to sweat and looks wet in this environment.

Before diving into some reasons to use salt lamps in your home, let’s say a word about how they can improve the quality of your sleep. I mentioned above that the positive ions can affect sleep in a negative way. The theory is that the positively-charged ions can actually reduce the blood + oxygen supply to your brain, resulting in a decreased quality of sleep. These salt lamps, by neutralizing the positive ions, can help correct this problem.

You can buy negative ion generators, which are machines that do essentially the same thing, but they are expensive and lack the aesthetic appeal of a natural salt lamp. Those of us who enjoy aromatherapy and working with essential oils definitely appreciate it when a product works in a natural way to benefit us.

Okay, let’s look at five reasons to consider having one of these Himalayan salt lamps in your home. They are not expensive, and there are many choices of design. As mentioned earlier, though, be sure you purchase from a reputable source that is selling the real thing.

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