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5 Ways Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil Can Heal

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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil Boasts Five Amazing Healing Properties – #5 Is BIG This Time Of Year!

Do you use cinnamon bark oil in your aromatherapy? This “hot” oil is powerful and requires a 1:4 dilution – so powerful, in fact, that it was mentioned in the Bible as an ingredient of Moses’ Holy Anointing Oil. The scent, nor surprisingly, provides energy, and also relieves anxiety and even depression. With strong immune-supportive properties, the oil boasts antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant activity. Let’s take a look at some of the top healing properties of cinnamon bark oil.

Cinnamon Bark Oil Antiviral Properties

Cinnamon bark also offers antiviral properties that will fortify the immune system, strengthening your body’s natural defenses against colds, mumps, measles, and any other virus-producing foreign invaders that are itching to wreak havoc on your health. Antivirals often do this by boosting white blood cell count – those immune system cells that are there to protect.

Cinnamon Bark Oil Antibacterial Propertiescinnamon plant

Antibacterial products protect against infections and diseases caused by – you guessed it –  bacteria. This includes bacteria that invade the digestive, urinary, and respiratory tract, as well as oral bacteria that can damage dental health. Cinnamon bark’s antibacterial activity does not impact the natural flora in the intestines and stomach, but only combats the damaging bacteria that may have invaded.

Cinnamon Bark Oil Antiseptic Properties

Antiseptics reduce the risk of infection when someone has open wounds, cuts, scrapes, or other injuries. Cinnamon bark essential oil possesses antiseptic properties and so can support proper healing, without worry of infection.

Cinnamon Bark Oil Anti-inflammatory Properties

Most bodily pain issues are caused by inflammation of some sort, either internal or external. Essential oils often provide the body with anti-inflammatory activity. Cinnamon bark is one of these oils. This oil comes in handy especially for inflammation of the respiratory tract and sore muscles and joints. Whether topical, aromatic, or internal, redness and irritation can be supported through any applicable essential oil applications.

cinnamon bark essential oilCinnamon Bark Oil Expectorant Properties

Cinnamon bark is an exceptional expectorant – a substance which combats the mucus and phlegm buildup that comes along with respiratory, sinus, or throat infections. The oil will provide from coughing or inflamed lungs or throat, either aromatically or through a properly diluted topical application.

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