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5 Ways to Relieve Stress and Overwhelm Using Aromatherapy

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Five Ways Aromatherapy Can Knock Out Stress and Boost Energy Now

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and in general just not “up”, here is some help using the magic of aromatherapy! We all have those days when things just pile up and leave us feeling strained and at wit’s end.

The five essential oils below can help knock out stress and give you a boost of energy when you need it. This is a safe, effective, natural, and most of all pleasant way to help restore your vital energy after a hard day’s work. We’ve also included a little bit of historical trivia down at the bottom. The roots of aromatherapy go back a long, long time.

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Are you overworked or stressed? Sometimes you can feel so stressed and overwhelmed that you just wish you could slow down and smell the roses, or the lavender, or the the peppermint. Aromatherapy is one method that people are using to relax and a natural method to restore their balance.

Check out these five essential oils that can help you harness the power of aromatherapy for mood and energy to in the blink of an eye!

1. Peppermint

Ready for an instant pick-me-up? Sniff some peppermint oil when you’re suffering from that 3 p.m. energy slump, or during brainstorming sessions.

2. Cinnamon

This spicy sweet scent is said to improve memory retention. It may also help improve focus and fight mental fatigue.

3.  Rosemary

When you’re physically exhausted, a whiff of rosemary might just be the thing you need to get going. It’s woody, stimulating fragrance is said to fight headaches and can even relieve aches in pains.

4. Lemon

A classically clean smell, citrus fruit like lemon also has calming and clarifying properties that can help when you’re experiencing a mid-day brain block.

5. Jasmine

Jasmine has been used to fight depression because of its ability to calm nerves and produce feelings of optimism and confidence.

If you are thinking of using aromatherapy to help you relax, or to cure any ailments, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The term “aromatUsing herapie” was created in 1937 by French perfumer Rene-Maurice Gattefosse.
  • While the term is relatively new, the practice of using scents or aromas for medicinal healing dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.
  • Just using a scented hand-cream or lotion isn’t going to give you the full effect of using essential oils, the main source of aromatherapy. However, if you find that taking a few moments out of your day to stop and use some lavender lotion makes you feel more calm, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. The main goal is for you to feel relaxed. Maybe those few minutes to yourself are what you really needed, but your hands will thank you for the additional attention.

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