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The Secret Truth About Essential Oils You Never Hear About

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Why Doesn’t Anybody Talk About This Amazing Truth About Essential Oils?

Fans of aromatherapy and essential oils know one thing for sure – it works! There are many benefits that come from use of essential oils  and aromatherapy – and it goes beyond just pleasure and relaxation. There are healing properties in many of these oils and aromas.

The practice of aromatherapy as a natural health discipline is growing, and the increasing popularity of it isn’t going away. People everywhere are talking about it, with good reason!

Check out this article and see the truth about essential oils that nobody talks about. I think you will enjoy this. If you do, please share with others!

Despite the fact that thousands of people report successful use of essential oils to help treat various health ailments, mainstream medical community tries to dismiss their claims.  Essential oils are everywhere; if you follow any blogs, you will find them in DIY, survival, natural health, and mommy blogs. So do essential oils really work, or are they just expensive fragrant quackery?

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils carry the physical properties of flowers and plants in a highly concentrated form. Through the different processes of distillation, the volatile constituents of the plant’s oil are extracted from its flowers, leaves, branches, or roots. Essential oils carry biologically active volatile compounds in a very concentrated form that exhibit therapeutic benefits in very small amounts.

The most common groups of chemical components found in essential oils are terpenes, alcohols, esters, ketones, aldehydes, and phenols. Most essential oils are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The antioxidant value in some essential oils alone is absolutely amazing,  just an ounce of Clove Oil has the antioxidant capacity of 450 lbs of carrots, 120 quarts of blueberries, or 48 gallons of beet juice.

The Real Truth About Essential Oils that Nobody Talks About

Essential oils will not encourage “superbugs” 

Bacteria have proven that they can mutate to form different kinds of resistant strains of “superbugs” to adapt to the toxic antibiotic drugs. Essential oils have never created a superbug.  There have been hundreds of studies clinically proving their effectiveness against pretty much all bacteria, including MRSA and other superbugs.

Essential oils have been shown to have antiseptic properties against drug-resistant bacteria. According to research presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s spring meeting in Edinburgh, the essential oils of thyme and cinnamon were found to be particularly efficient antibacterial agents against a range of drug resistant Staphylococcus species which are extremely difficult to treat.

According to Science Daily, a Georgetown University research study found that the germ-killing properties of oregano oil were found as effective as most antibiotics — including vancomycin — for treatment of antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA and flesh-eating bacteria.

Essential Oils address the causes of disease at a cellular level.  Essential oils can penetrate the cellular wall and dispel viruses, whereas antibiotics can only kill bacteria outside of the cellular wall. One drop of essential oils contains enough molecules to cover every cell in our bodies. Just one molecule can open a receptor site in our bodies and communicate with the  DNA to alter cellular function.

Essential oils can enter the body by many avenues.

There are approximately 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil (that’s approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body). They are so small, that they enter your body through the skin and go everywhere in your body.  Essential oils have an incredible ability to enter the body through the lungs and disperse throughout the body in a way that most other medicines are unable to achieve.

Essential oils can be diffused,  applied topically, added to your food, added to your bath. Unlike conventional drugs, essential oils  can work on all these interfaces at once. Essential oils can also be used topically to treat all sorts of conditions ranging from acne and allergies, to headaches and indigestion. Just a few drops of essential oil applied to the hands, wrists, feet, abdomen, or lower back can provide relief for a number of ailments.

 Essential oils can erase misinformation in our cells.

Essential oils have the ability to clean receptor sites on the surface of cells which allows for the proper communication between cells. Essential oils have the ability to erase incorrect DNA and then to correct it.

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